Breaking: FAAN denies banning of Bolt, Uber at airports

Breaking: FAAN denies banning of Bolt, Uber at airports

Breaking: FAAN denies banning of Bolt, Uber at airports

Nigeria’s Federal Airport Authority (FAAN) says passengers are free to use any means of transportation they find fit to enter or leave airports across the country.

The company said this in the wake of protests and allegations that taxi companies like Uber and Bolt have been prohibited from picking passengers at airports.

A Twitter user said on Tuesday: “So @FAAN Official released a billboard order claiming that @UberNigeria @Boltapp ng is not allowed to pick up passengers from the airport, among others.

“Around 10,000 naira, the fine for this. Please be aware. “However, the accusation was debunked by Henrietta Yakubu, general manager of FAAN, public affairs.

In a statement sent on Tuesday to TheCable, Yakubu said that with the notice of prohibition, FAAN is not responsible for the billboard.

“That was done by a group of people without resorting to FAAN management. Please ignore it. Community members are free to be dropped by any means of transportation at our airports, “she said.

Speaking to TheCable, a passenger who just introduced himself as Tayo, said he had Bolt’s first-hand experience.

“I called for a taxi via Bolt when I arrived at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Saturday. He pleaded that he wanted to uninstall the device from his mobile after I found the driver and got into the car,” Tayo said.

“When I asked why he said they couldn’t pick up passengers from the airport and he would have to pay a fine if he was found. He said the taxi drivers at the airport were against them. “There were clashes between regular taxis at the airport and cab-hailing services like Uber and Bolt.

Since Uber and Bolt are cheaper, most airport passengers say they stopped using airport taxis.

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